The Heartbreak of Trade Show Frazzle

Published on 09/21/2018

Trade Show Setup – words that can strike terror into the heart of the newbie as well as the experienced exhibitor. If you’re new to the game, then you probably don’t know the hiccups that can occur and send your schedule flying right into the circular file bin.

And if you’re experienced, then you’ve probably endured the stress of electrical setups that are not set up, booth carpeting among the missing, or your communication with the shipping company says your booth has arrived, but where it is in the convention center is anybody’s guess.

And that’s just a small part of what can happen to send your stress levels soaring and your ability to focus on the main reason you came to the convention—to garner new business and new clients —plummeting into the nether realm.

A Solution

Here’s a solution to those frustrating, stressful and unpredictable glitches that always seem to surface during trade show or corporate event set up – let our experienced trade show logistics staff handle the entire process for you! With our turn-key, proprietary Exhibit Management program, we take all the guesswork and time-consuming frustration out of your exhibiting experience.

We handle set up and schedule all needed show services, ensuring your exhibit will be ready and waiting for you! When your trade show or event is over, we handle the dismantle, packing and shipping so you can leave completely focused on new opportunities.

All you have to do is show up and turn on your sales charm knowing that everything is in place and running smoothly.

You don’t even have to think about climbing ladders and performing death-defying trapeze acts to get your hanging signs and lighting set up correctly.

When it’s all over

And when it’s all over, you can take your leads and head to the comfort of your hotel knowing that your exhibit will be professionally taken down, packed, and shipped without your having to lift a finger.

So, what else can happen to both the uninitiated and the old-timer exhibitors?

  • Each city has its own set of rules on what you can and cannot do with your exhibit – it can be a nasty surprise if you aren’t aware of the various city ordinances – we’ve set up all over the country and stay on top of the rules in each city.
  • Knowing the ins and outs of various providers, we can navigate to the trusted companies that provide reasonable rates, saving you what can become an exorbitant bill.
  • Dealing with various unions can be time-consuming and if you aren’t up on the negotiations involved, you can lose a lot of precious time finding out whether you can have your display at a certain height, or use a custom display.

We will gladly provide you with references to clients who have previously enjoyed our services.

At Scantech Displays, we understand you’re handling more with less and under pressure to produce results from your exhibit program, so whether you’re planning your first trade show or 100th, our team is ready to help. Get started today planning a successful show.