Why is it a good idea to exhibit at a Trade Show?

Modern technology and social media may have changed the face of marketing over the last several years, but trade show displays remain a highly important tool for promoting your business' products or services to your specific target audience and they also happen to be one...

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Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

If you have large amounts of storage space just sitting around empty, then keeping your Trade Show exhibits packed away to use maybe once or twice a year may make sense. But if, like most of the world, you are wondering whether double-decker stacked office desks...

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The Heartbreak of Trade Show Frazzle

  Trade Show Setup - words that can strike terror into the heart of the newbie as well as the experienced exhibitor. If you’re new to the game, then you probably don’t know the hiccups that can occur and send your schedule flying right into the...

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Think Vertical

  Booth space is limited and expensive at pharmaceutical trade shows, so making the most of the space you have is crucial to success. One simple strategy reflects schema used by city planners: if you have no room to expand out - think vertical. High-flying banners, hanging signs,...

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Budgeting 101

Leisurely budget planning has gone the way of the woolly mammoth. Today, exhibit managers have to conjure financial figures seemingly out of thin air and faster than Usain Bolt. And while Bolt can be slow out of the blocks and suffer little recourse, a single...

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Trade Show Exhibits in San Diego | Scantech Displays

What You Should Know as an Exhibit Buyer

Tips for an Exhibit Buyer Don’t let the exhibit buying experience intimidate you. Your marketing objectives and strategy should dictate your exhibit marketing needs. Be prepared for sticker shock. Exhibits can be expensive. Where to buy depends on your goals. Do you need a large custom exhibit? Or do...

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