Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Published on 11/30/2018

If you have large amounts of storage space just sitting around empty, then keeping your Trade Show exhibits packed away to use maybe once or twice a year may make sense.

But if, like most of the world, you are wondering whether double-decker stacked office desks are the wave of the future, then Trade Show Exhibit Rentals are worth their weight in gold – and compared to storage space, they only cost pennies.

So, what ARE Trade Show Exhibit Rentals?

You begin by choosing from a pretty wide variety of pre-formatted display builds and then customize them with your unique graphics that are printed to fit the display.

One of the great advantages to this, aside from the price, is the ability to change your branding easily and cheaply at a moment’s notice.  If you feel that one particular booth set-up wasn’t the right format for the last trade show, you can choose an entirely new build.

This also allows you to keep your presentation style fresh, especially if you show at many events.

You can go as small as a simple backdrop and perhaps a small kiosk, all the way up to a multi-story build with private office space, hanging signs, LED displays and Smart Technology stations. And you can decide whether to pull out all the bells and whistles for a big event, or just use the basic components for a smaller event.

Is it right for you?

You will find that there are some limitations to renting. If you are looking for a completely custom-designed layout, then rentals aren’t the avenue you want to explore, as they are made from pre-built components.  And If you have the budget for a completely custom layout, we are very happy to work with you – our staff loves the excitement of creating a new design.

But, if you don’t have that kind of budget, or are new to Trade Shows – perhaps just getting your feet wet, to see if it’s for you –  rentals are a great way to test the waters.  Once you get a feel for where you want to go with your exhibit, you can begin to customize various parts, or go whole hog and build your own unique presence.