You think Trade Show Season is Over? Think again…

Published on 01/06/2020

Maybe the biggest of the biggie trade shows, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), takes place in January every year (it will be on the 7th in 2020). So, while you’re resting on hiatus from the close of the fall season and awaiting the opening of the Spring season, you can make your display work extra duty at a show guaranteed to garner you a large audience.

From the Mega Display Bell presented last year including a cutting edge VTOL hybrid-electric four-passenger air taxi that is so sleek and slick you expect MIB agents to be exiting from it, to the smaller displays in the alternate show room – if you’ve got anything electronic to tout, this is where you want to be.

“Most of our customers make sure they are ready for the April-June and Aug-Nov. season,” says Scantech Displays Manager Kris Williams. “CES pops up during a lull when virtually no other major shows are scheduled, making it stand out from crowd – as if it didn’t already with the popular tech items on show.”

You may not have the resources – or the need – to build a full-scale futuristic air taxi, but if you are looking to update your display or produce a new unique display for next year’s CES, Give us a shout! Get a head start on a blow-your-mind display.