Think Vertical

Published on 06/29/2018

Booth space is limited and expensive at pharmaceutical trade shows, so making the most of the space you have is crucial to success.
One simple strategy reflects schema used by city planners: if you have no room to expand out – think vertical.

High-flying banners, hanging signs, well-lit graphics and simple LED lighting strategically placed can make you stand out in the crowd.
Think about the last trade show you attended. As you walked down any aisle, what grabbed your eye?
What stood out? And did the vertically elevated signage catch your eye several booths away from the actual presenter?
That, there, is attendee-attention gold. The real stuff. In a sea of presenters all pleading, “Come see me! Come see me!” often it’s either you go big or you go home.
Of course there’s big…and then there’s the if-more-is-better-then-throwing-everything-in-must-be-great syndrome.

Yes, you want to catch their eyes, but you don’t want them to think you’re a pizza stand (unless, of course, you’ve found a miracle cure using pizza…in which case, we need to talk!)

Finding the right balance between we’re worth-seeing big and we-can’t-scream-loud-enough big is what separates the polished presenters from the newbies.

With the flexibility offered by latest tech in both design and structural materials for exhibit displays, there has never been such a wealth of options. Having a trained designer has equally never been so important.
We can guide you to expert designers, and when you’ve found the perfect fit, we can take you seamlessly from what exists in the mind to the actual reality of the exhibition floor.
Remember, when it comes to trade shows, there’s always room at the top!