Published on 03/20/2019

The Challenge

Create new custom display to feature company’s trademarked antennas and create it within a tight schedule.

Contributing Reason:

We had worked with Taoglas in the past and had reskinned their older display for them.  They were looking for another look and we suggested an upgrade to a newer design and build.  They agreed to the idea but were very much aware of their time constraints – they were already slotted to show at the huge CES in Las Vegas.

The Solution

We worked closely with the marketing manager to hammer out the details from preliminary plans on paper to full-size finished buildout.  Because the client had a locked-in schedule we used our knowledge and experience with the various display systems we work with to accelerate the design and build process.

The additional features helped to set this booth apart. We added backlit graphics, a place for a TV, acrylic stands, dimensional letters, custom displays featuring the antennas, and cabinets with drawers and doors. The overhead canopy lighting we provided proved to be quite dramatic and made a tailored yet bold statement.

On top of all that, we designed the system to break down and pack in such a way that it all fit into 2 fully carpeted crates, and each element had its own designated space so there was no confusion about what went where.

We met their deadline and supplied on-site supervision for the client to be ready to simply show up and sell.

The Result

Because this was the largest tradeshow in the country, 2 CEOs, one from outside the U.S., attended the show.  Upon seeing the booth, they commented that the booth was “amazing!”

The marketing manager added, “Scantech has been a huge help in terms of getting the exact vision of what our company wanted in our booth at our exhibits: We wanted a clean design that stood out from the crowd and Scantech delivered! They created an amazing design, and the construction of the booth has everything we need and within the budget that we provided.  Top notch service as well- I don’t have any worries when it comes to the booth at our events, I show up the booth is ready, it’s one less thing I have to worry about at tradeshows.”

“They created an amazing design, and the construction of the booth has everything we need and within the budget that we provided. Top notch service.”

Taoglas Marketing Manager